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Hi guys, i have been away for days without internet. Finally got the chance to publich article today. A week ago i got a free necklace from Opersonalized. You can see it in my pictures, it is personalized with my own names.

But I will not bother you anymore with my technical worries, if I come back today it is to let you discover and tell you about the site of customizable jewelry oNecklace.

Though busy this week and with tons of work to be done, i will not bother you with any troubles. Now let us take a look at the site which boasts that you can shop everything personalized-

Opersonalized is a professional manufacturer for personalized jewelry and gifts. They design and custom-make sterling silver jewelry, gold plating jewelry as well as solid 14k and 18k jewelry. When you browse their website, you can find that everything is custom-made. So it means you can not get them once you place the order. You need to wait for around 7 working days for them to craft the personalized item for you. What personalized jewelry they cover? Monogrammed, nameplated, birthstone, infinity, cross, heart, engraved and many more.

Opersonalized promises that they try every effort to make their customers happy with easy shopping experiences and high quality products. They have a jewelry designer team of 30 people to ensure the large daily orders to be processed. What’s more, they offer free shipping worldwide. Right now, they are looking for fashion bloggers to review their products worldwide and you can get free item from them.

Yesterday when i wore my personalized name necklace from Opersonalized, my friend Janice noticed that the necklace is so beautiful in gold plating. She browsed their website and found that they have great policy for wholesale and drop ship. She decided to join their dropshipping program which is free and easy!

The necklace is really worth of the price though i got it for free. For $39, you got such a personalized necklace made of sterling silver and plated with 18k gold. Let’s take more pictures from their link:

name necklace

nameplate necklace

opersonalized name necklace

necklace from


Small Monogrammed Necklaces

There are several stylish looking yet affordable monogram necklaces which would make a big statement about your sense of fashion as well as the way you feel. Personalized monogram necklaces are very trendy and classy, they tend to bring that out of you when you wear them.

These pieces of jewelry can serve as a good gift to the ones you love or you wearing it for personal use. Your initials are well crested on it and this makes you look unique and different from every other person.

  1. Petite Script Monogram Sterling Silver Necklace

small monogram bar necklace

This is a perfect monogram bar necklace made from sterling silver which makes a very simple but stylish statement. The monogram is engraved on the left side of the silver bar in a script style font. This amazing piece can serve as a gift to a family member, friend, loved one or even yourself.

The bar measures 1 ¼ inches long and ¼ inches wide of which it hangs from a rolo chain of 16 inches and an extender of 2 inches making this monogram bar necklace the best piece of jewelry for you! You can personalize your necklace with your initials using the fancy script monogram that sits on the right-hand side to make that statement. Remember, the normal 3 letter monogramming consists of your first initial, last initial and middle initial respectively with the last initial standing larger than the other two.

  1. Mini Two Initial Block Style Monogram in Silver

mini 2 initial monogram necklace

The Mini Two initial Block Style is among the small monogram necklaces which are a perfect personalized style for a trendy and classy look. It has a ½ inch pendant which is hand cut from the .925 sterling silver with 2 initials of your choice. It is attached to a 16-inch rolo chain which has an extender that measures 2 inches giving it a unique style while it has a weight of 2.53 grams.

This precious small necklace can serve as a gift to a family member, friend, loved one, etc. On its pendant are the two initials of your choice so, be sure of what you want to be there when purchasing this item.

  1. Mini Monogram Silver Necklace

Mini Monogram Silver Necklace

This is another member of the small monogram necklaces family which is handcrafted with high-quality sterling silver with a beautifully written script font on the pendant. This amazing piece can serve as a gift to a family member like you mother, sister, wife, or friend, loved one or just get one for personal use.

The small monogram measures 5/8 inches while it hangs on a 16-inch rolo chain having an extender measuring 2 inches. Its weight is 2.12 grams and it is the ideal necklace for trendy and classy ladies. The monogram is a 3 letter monogram which follows the traditional monogramming process where the initials are arranged in this manner: first initial, last initial, and middle initial. As usual, the last initial which is in the middle is larger than the other two initials. This necklace is bound to make a big statement about you. Remember to send your initials the way you want it to appear on the pendant when purchasing it.

  1. Petite Script Monogram Rose Gold bar NecklacePetite Script Monogram Rose Gold bar Necklace

This is another monogram bar necklace and is among the pairs of hottest trending necklaces. The rose gold bar measures 1 ¼ inches by ¼ inches while your monogram is engraved on its left-hand side. The monogram itself is written is a stylish script font with the bar hanging from a rose gold rolo chain of 14 inches having an extender of 2 inches.

Personalization is done when your initials get engraved on the bar; the typical monogramming practice is followed where the last initial is written in between the first and middle initials and stands taller than them.

This wonderful piece of custom made jewelry can serve as a nice gift to your mother, sister, wife, friend, loved one or just for personal use. When purchasing this item, remember to send your initials the way you intend it to appear on the monogram.